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Andrew Eales, B.Mus, ARCM


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Milton Keynes Piano Lessons


Andrew's Teaching Studio



Andrew's studio is situated in the heart of Milton Keynes, just a three minute drive away from the City Centre. For those coming by car, there is plenty of space to park on the private driveway.


Instruments & Resources

The studio offers great facilities and resources to enhance your learning.

In pride of place is a top-of-the-range Yamaha YUS5 piano (new 2009), and a Yamaha Tyros 2 keyboard, the choice of professionals. The studio also houses a huge collection of sheet music and audio recordings.



Andrew has always placed an important emphasis on using the latest technologies to enhance learning.


Andrew uses state of the art equipment to assist pupils' progress as musicians:


  • by making recordings of their playing so that they can listen back and evaluate the quality of their performance
  • by recording demo performances of new pieces and sending them to pupils/parents as MP3 files or posting them on this site
  • by using Sibelius notation software to produce sheet music and additional resources for pupils, including theory sheets and teaching resources
  • by recording pupils finished performances and producing CDs for them


Technology has altered music making forever. Your learning with Keyquest Music will benefit from the latest technology, and if you are interested in doing so then you can also start to get to grips with using music software yourself.



Lessons are also available via SKYPE when severe weather prevents students attending lessons. For further information, please ask Andrew.


Waiting Room

There is a comfortable and relaxing waiting area for families which overlooks the music studio via glass paneled doors. The waiting area includes magazines you can read, a table to work at, free wifi access, and drinks/refreshments on request.


And there is plenty of space to park on the private driveway.


Andrew's Teaching Studio has been designed to accommodate YOUR needs, and you will feel very welcome!


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