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Music Theory


Understanding the theory of music is essential for anyone wanting a full music education. Pupils who have a good understanding of music notation are likely to learn pieces quicker, sight-read better, and develop a deeper knowledge of music in general.


For anyone learning to play an instrument who wishes to take ABRSM Grade 6 or above, a certificate in Grade 5 Theory is a requirement (although Jazz Piano and Practical Musicianship are offered as alternatives - please ask if you are interested in either of these).

Music theory also provides essential knowledge for those considering music at AS and A'Level, or who wish to study music at higher education.

For these reasons, music theory is a built-in feature of good music teaching from the earliest levels of playing. However, once pupils reach around Grade 2 piano it becomes increasingly important for them to study music theory in more detail.


Andrew's Approach

Here's what is on offer from Keyquest Music:


Private Theory Tuition

This can be arranged for individuals via weekly lesson depending on availability.

Those already having individual private tuition with Andrew can extend their lesson time to include structured theory tuition.

Music Theory Crash Courses

These take place throughout the year, usually during half terms and summer holidays. These are given to small groups or 3-5 members and usually consist of 5 one-hour sessions. The aim of these courses is to cover the main content of one grade over the duration of a single week.

As a general rule Andrew finds that pupils enjoy learning theory in a group context and benefit from the interaction and relaxed atmosphere this can bring. Andrew's pupils are advised to come to the Music Theory Crash courses whenever possible.


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