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Pianodao is Andrew's new blog website that aims to encourage and support pianists at all levels of ability. Built around the metaphor of piano playing as a lifetime journey, the site will focus on our musical and creative development as well as our personal well-being: Mind, Body & Spirit.


The Pianist’s Path focuses on specifics of how we learn, play, teach and help others develop as pianists. Reflecting on all aspects of piano playing, I hope to explore what it means to be a pianist in today’s world. There will also be articles about developing our creativity and performing with confidence and enjoyment.


The Pianist’s Well-being takes a broader look at our lives – our inner beliefs, physical health, and general lifestyle. This section will consider powerful quotes from great musicians past and present, as well as the teachings of wise thinkers ancient and modern.


Piano Qigong departs from the “blog” format of the site to offer suggestions for applying qigong practice to the needs of piano players. This will develop into a free resource offering simple breathing and stretching movements and exercises suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.


Interviews with pianists about their journey as players will focus on the obstacles they have faced and overcome in order to move forward on their path.


Resources & Reviews complete the site, providing a space to share news and comment about resources that will hopefully be of interest to readers here.


Please also follow the Pianodao Facebook page where additional content and links will appear regularly.



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