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Piano Recordings


Andrew has made recordings of many of the pieces that students learn. Most are exclusive to his students (provided as MP3 downloads as required) but anyone can listen to and download the free "Featured Recording of the Month" and all 25 of Burgmuller's hugely popular Op.100 Studies.

Featured Recording of the Month


This month's featured recording is Tchaikovsky's "January: At the Fireside" from his solo piano collection "The Seasons" Op.37.


The cycle was written to satisfy a commission from the music publisher Nikolai Bernard for his musical journal "Le Nouvelliste". The cycle contains twelve short character pieces, one for each month of the year, with subtitles that Bernard himself suggested.


The pieces were published in the journal each month throughout 1876. January "At the Fireside" is one of my particular favourites, with it's gently rising melody providing a perfect vehicle for expressive phrasing.


J.F.F. Burgmuller (1806-1874)

Burgmuller was a popular pianist based in Paris who improvised hundreds of Salon Pieces as well as composing a wide range of instrumental music.

He is best known today for his Piano Exercies, notable the 25 Easy and Progressive Studies Op.100, which are available to listen to and download in their entirity! Although called "studies" and very benefitical for piano playing technique, these are actually very attractive pieces, and among the favourites with students of all ages.


Andrew has recorded all 25 of these popular pieces as a resource to help his students, and is making those recordings publicly available here for a limited time. Simply click on the links below to listen and download.


  1. Openess
  2. Arabesque
  3. Pastorale
  4. The Small Gathering
  5. Innocence
  6. Progress
  7. The Clear Stream
  8. Gracefulness
  9. The Hunt
  10. Tender Flower
  11. The Young Shepherdess
  12. Farewell
  13. Consolation
  14. Austrian Dance
  15. Ballade
  16. Sighing
  17. The Chatterbox
  18. Restlessness
  19. Ave Maria
  20. Tarantella
  21. Angelic Harmony
  22. Barcarolle
  23. The Return
  24. The Swallow
  25. The Kinght Errant