Student Concerts

One important aspect of learning music is to develop confidence playing to others.

To help this process Andrew organises regular Student Concerts each year. All students are encouraged to take part - but only if they wish to of course! Family and friends are invited to attend.

The atmosphere is informal, friendly and non-competitive. This is especially important - many players seem only ever to have the chance to play in competitive Music Festivals, which are usually very formal, and can sometimes prove a negative experience. As the great 20th century composer Bela Bartok put it, "competitions are for horses, not musicians!"

For severa years all Keyquest Music concerts took place at The Guildhall, Church of Christ the Cornerstone in Central Milton Keynes. In 2014 our concerts moved to the larger Chrysalis Theatre in Willen, which provides an outstanding professional venue with a stunning concert grand piano.

Andrew also performs in each Keyquest Music concert, showing students what is possible with continued work and playing experience.


These concerts are also a good way of supporting charity - Keyquest Music concert revenue supports charity, with more than £10,000 donated in the last decade.

Thank you to all who supported these events!

2020 Concert Programme

This year's programme has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The Chrysalis Theatre is currently closed to all visitors.

However, it is still hoped that we might run our Gala Piano Concert:

  • Sunday 22nd November 2020:  Student Gala Concert

2019 Concert Programme

Last year's programme included two highly successful student concerts on:

  • Sunday 16th June 2019:  Student Summer Concert
  • Sunday 8th December 2019:  Student Winter Concert

Full details available from Andrew.

The Keyquest Piano Club

The Keyquest Piano Club runs monthly, giving adult players an opportunity to share and perform their music in a more informal setting.

This regular workshop includes plenty of time for a drink and a chat, as well as giving everyone who comes the chance to play a piece they are working on or ready to perform, or simply to listen to and encourage other members.

Exclusive to adult students of Keyquest Music, the Keyquest Piano Club has been a groundbreaking success, bringing together learners and piano enthusiasts for a special, shared musical journey.

The Club also includes an online element - the Keyquest Piano Club group on Facebook is exclusive to Andrew's current and recent students, offering a private space to chat, share music and join virtual meetups.

The club adds a dimension that adult players too often lack; it has proved incredibly inspiring - as well as a hugely enjoyable social get together!

Meeting on the first Sunday evening of each month, the Club will be resuming face-to-face gatherings as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Full details available from Andrew.

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