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Adult Students

It is often said that "it is never too late to learn the piano" ... and Andrew's experience as a teacher confirms that many who take up lessons later in life make excellent progress and enjoy a wonderful new hobby that brings relaxation, enrichment, and keeps the brain cells ticking!


Lessons for adults are usually 45 minutes long, fortnightly, although weekly lessons are available if preferred, as are longer consultation lessons for advanced pianists.

To accommodate all these students, Andrew offers lessons at flexible times through the day, including during students' lunch breaks, afternoons, evenings and weekends.


Lessons are enjoyable and pupils are often surprised by just how quickly they progress! And it isn't just beginners that come to Andrew for tuition as adults...  Andrew is experienced in teaching adults at all levels of ability and experience. His current and recent students include:


  • Adult beginners on piano or keyboard
  • Adults who learnt as children and now wish to return to playing and improve their skills
  • Young adults training for the music profession or as teachers
  • Serious amateur players wanting to refresh their repertoire and improve technique
  • Teachers who wish to improve their skills as players and/or be mentored by Andrew
  • Electronic musicians wishing to expand their musical knowledge through more formal training
  • Pensioners looking for a hobby

Adult Piano Club

The Keyquest Music Adult Piano Club runs monthly, giving players an opportunity to share and perform their music in a more informal setting.

This regular workshop includes plenty of time for a drink and a chat, as well as giving everyone who comes the chance to play a piece they are working on or ready to perform, or simply to listen to and encourage other members.

Exclusive to adult students of Keyquest Music, the Adult Piano Club has been a groundbreaking success, bringing together learners and piano enthusiasts for a special, shared musical journey.

The club adds a dimension that adult players too often lack; it has proved incredibly inspiring - as well as a hugely enjoyable social get together!

Dates are advertised on the Keyquest Events page here.

Here is what some of those students have to say about learning as adults with Andrew:

Andrew is an excellent and experienced piano tutor. His extensive knowledge of music pedagogy, highly-developed playing ability and intensive yet sympathetic approach are reflected by the exceptional results attained by all his students. I would recommend Andrew to students of all ages.

Sam Ficek

As a plodding 68 year old amateur classical pianist I started attending lessons with Andrew a few months ago. He has already made in my view a significant difference and improvement in my playing through his deep knowledge of the subject, his ability to spot weaknesses, explain clearly the issues and show me how to improve. He sets high standards and has a great gift to show the pupil how to not just play the right notes but to interpret and communicate a piece. And he always starts his lessons in time! I can thoroughly recommend Andrew to anyone serious about learing or improving their piano skills

Mike Kearney

Andrew is a great music teacher, I am an adult learner. I am now confident enough to have others listen to me playing and may even start taking exams. This is a major step forward and has been possible in no small part to Andrew's teaching. He has given me confidence and also encourages you to play to the best of your ability.

Jane Wilson

Music has always been a big part of my life. Since my early teens I developed as a self-taught keyboard player, and at some stages I even played in a school band.

Quite a few years have gone by since those days ... But it is never too late! All you need is enthusiasm, dedication and the right guide!

With Andrew's enthusiasm and brilliant guidance he is helping me improving rapidly, while focusing on my favourite kind of styles, which are mainly pop, rock, jazz and blues.

Andrew's greatest ability, apart from a very deep knowledge of his subject, extensive teaching experience and inspiring enthusiasm, is to make learning new skills feel lighter. And that is particularly important if one, like me, has to manage a lot of passion for the piano with a busy family and working life!

My passion for playing has been re-ignited at its fullest and I can finally enjoy the best musical instrument in the world!

Daniele Casanova

After completing my grade 8 I had a ten year break from tuition, but recently decided to take up piano lessons again in order to get my technique back up to scratch!  With such a long time away from lessons, I was anxious about taking tuition again but I have found Andrew to be very approachable with a relaxed manner, which put me at my ease very quickly.

I have found Andrew’s lessons very beneficial in brushing up my skills, broadening my repertoire and re-igniting my interest in music.  Andrew has been a great musical guide, introducing me to new composers and detailing the story behind the music, so I am aware of the context and musical influences of each composer. This has been really interesting and the new composers and music that Andrew has selected for me have been a really positive challenge.

Kath Middleditch


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